Infrastructural Karma

As SQL dudes we tend to interface almost daily with several key teams to help us get the job done. Its always pays to be mates with the SAN Admins, Windows , Network and more recently the virtualisation teams.

Case in point : I busted a gut / worked until 9pm one night to help out a colleague in the Virtualisation / VMware team on a database related problem in VCenter. He was stuck in the middle between VMware support and a grumpy DBA. I arranged a conf call between the 3 of us , and after some robust discussion we got an action plan and got the problem* fixed. Virtualisation buddy was grateful.

A day or 2 later had an incident on a  crazy database server on 1 virtual CPU / VMWare 3.5 / App teams with dbo writing random queries / monopolising / flatlining CPU and users wondering why performance was so bad.   Tapped up Virtualisation buddy and asked if he had any spare CPU’s and he did / was happy to help me out.

Between us we punched together through some pretty serious bureaucracy to get the server its new cpu / rebooted / max dopped to 1 and said users and one grumpy DBA were very happy Smile

(* problem was large expansion of hosts / guests / stats = massive growth in VCenter, causing VCenter housekeeping SQL Agent jobs** to fail , causing more growth etc etc)

** Unmonitored – mm maybe subject for future blog post



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