New Perfmon Counters for SQL Server 2012 RTM

Doing some work with SQL 2012 and came across a couple of System Monitor Perfmon counters that I hadn’t seen before so I decided to do a complete list by comparing with an 2008 R2 Instance . Half finished , but I wanted to highlight their presence.

I would link to documentation but doesn’t look like the new counters are undocumented in BOL for SQL Server 2012 has been updated yet ! (yes I’ve provided corrective feedback…)

Object_Name counter_name Instance Comments
Access Methods  InSysXact waits/sec N\A Not documented ! “Number of times a reader needs to wait for a page because the InSysXact bit is set”
Batch Resp Statistics Multiple time ranges
>=000000ms & <000001ms

Batches >=000001ms & <000002ms etc

CPU Time:Requests   Cool ! So can measure in Perfmon long running batches .
Seems to be since SQL Server started though.
Explain = “Number of SQL Batches having response time greater than or equal to 5ms but less than 10ms”**
Buffer Manager Background writer pages /sec   “Number of pages flushed to enforce the recovery interval settings.” Part of new TARGET_RECOVERY_TIME
per database feature that allows finer grained control on recovery / checkpoints
  Integral Controller Slope   “The slope that integral controller for the buffer pool last used, times -10 billion” er yeah
Databases   Log Flush Write Time (ms)  
FileTable Numerous N\A For measuring performance of new Filetable feature of FILESTREAM . Allows you to copy data to FILESTREAM via UNC, automatically populates table with attributes etc .
Memory Broker Clerks Numerous   TBD
Memory Manager Database Cache Memory (KB)    
  External benefit of memory    
  Free Memory (KB)    
  Log Pool Memory (KB)    
  Reserved Server Memory (KB)    
  Stolen Server Memory (KB)    
Memory Node

Database Node Memory (KB)

  NUMA Related
  Foreign Node Memory (KB)    
  Free Node Memory (KB)    
  Stolen Node Memory (KB)    
  Target Node Memory (KB)    
  Total Node Memory (KB)    
Query Execution Total Node Memory (KB)    
  Rem Req Cache Hit Ratio    
  Rem Req Cache Hit Ratio Base    
  Remote activations/sec    
  Remote requests/sec    
  Remote resend requests/sec    

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