Event Table in SQL Azure / sys.event_log

Stumbled across this excellent Teched Preso on SQL Admin and Self Servicing and was

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intrigued about the Event Table feature that records connection issues / timeouts etc. Found it has been implemented by new portal @ by :

  1. From manage.windowsazure.com , clicking on SQL Databases on left then Manage or go straight to https://<yourinstancename>.database.windows.net
  2. Type in your SQL Admin credentials , leave Database blank
  3. Click on Administration bottom left
  4. And then Events . You get a nice graph like below which is aggregated by day

To see more granular detail , connect to master database in Management Studio and do

SELECT * FROM sys.event_log

Quite useful as had some weird stuff happen on web site and think it may have been down to idle connection timeouts



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